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For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.
IBM Training Manual, 1991

Most of us could not imagine not having our smartphones to use daily for multiple purposes from talking to our family to immediate text messages to reminders of important meetings and dates and even face timing with our family or video conferencing for work.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Online Technology Training Series

All times are 10am-11:30pm CT (11am-12:30pm ET). 


Tony Gentry Webinar

Smart Homes for Functional Independence


Staying Safe on the Internet


Voice devices, Alexa, Siri, Google

Coming in 2024
  • Zoom and Videoconferencing
  • Staying Safe on the Internet
  • Email, Facebook and Texting
  • Having Fun and Recreation on the Internet
  • How to Look for a Job or Volunteering online
  • Building Friendships and Relationships
  • Advocacy on the Internet
  • Telehealth Visits
  • Social Media Apps (YouTube, Instagram)
  • Learn About Chat GPT
  • 5/21 – Staying Safe on the Internet
  • 5/28 – Voice devices, Alexa, Siri, Google
Past trainings
  • Staying Safe on the Internet (followup)
  • Building Friendships and Relationships
  • Having Fun and Recreation in the Internet (followup)
  • How to Look for a Job or Volunteering online
  • Advocacy on the Internet
  • C. Harrington – Webinar
  • Travel and Transportation Apps
  • Employment Technology
  • Fitness and Nutrition

Regional In-Person Training Sessions

West Tennessee

5/16/2024, 10am-2pm CT

Jackson State Community College

Technology Exhibitors: Therap, Star Center, Simply Home, St John’s, Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

East Tennessee

5/23/2024, 10am-2pm ET

Roane State College, Oak Ridge Campus, Oak Ridge, TN

Technology Exhibitors: Signals, SafeInHome, Therap, Star Center, Simply Home, Charles Lee, St John’s, Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Weekly Online Technology Training Series

Tony Gentry Webinar: Smart Homes for Functional Independence


All times are 10am-11:30pm CT (11am-12:30pm ET). 

Coming in 2024


Tennessee Training

10am – 11:30pm CT
11am-12:30pm ET

Learn from past attendees

Watch Janet, self-advocates and family members talk about using technology in their daily lives.

Watch the recent Webinar by Tom Keating, on using internet apps to support independence and self-determination for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Navigating the virtual seas of online technologies can sometimes be challenging, especially for individuals with disabilities. However, the rise of new technology has opened up new opportunities for accessible learning and communication, ensuring that everyone can dive into the digital realm with confidence.

Come to the training to:

Training by

A photo of Dr. Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman

City University of New York

A photo of Dr. Ruthie-Marie Beckwith

Ruthie-Marie Beckwith

City University of New York

A photo of David Taylor

David Taylor

Self-Advocate and
fellowship Harvard University

A photo of David Wetherow

David Wetherow

Founder StarRaft,
Microboards and
Cooperative Housing

A photo of Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips


Join our exclusive learning community to engage with colleagues and experts, dive deeper into topics, and collaborate on innovative solutions.

Webinars by Esteemed Experts

Time: 10-11:30am Central Time
11-12:30pm Eastern Time


Toni Johnson and Alli Beth Freeman

Session Topic: Enabling Technology: Support for the Employment Pathway

A photo of Toni Johnson and Alli Beth Freeman
More about the webinar

Technology for All webinar on May 1st, 2024, 9:00-10:30am CT (10:00-11:30am ET).

Speaker Bio:
Toni Johnson is an Enabling Technology Coordinator (Tech Champion). She is the recipient of the Governor’s Excellence in Service Award in 2019. She is a graduate of MTSU, with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Toni is also a Certified Person-Centered Thinking Trainer, Advocates in Motion mentor, and a Person-Centered meeting facilitator.

Speaker Bio: Alli Beth Freeman is an Employment Innovation and Community Inclusion Coordinator.


Tony Gentry, Ph.D.

Session Topic: Smart Homes for Functional Independence

A photo of Tony Gentry
More about the webinar

Session Description: Your home should be a safe haven and support for everyday activities, not an obstacle to function. If you have cognitive, sensory or mobility difficulties, home-based assistive technologies can help. From low-tech grab bars to high-tech smart appliances, an individualized suite of tools can help you manage your everyday tasks, while conserving energy and living safely at home. This talk will survey up-to-date and affordable assistive technologies, informational resources, and funding options for making your house or apartment a smarter, safer, more enabling home.

Speaker Bio: Tony Gentry, PhD OTR/L FAOTA is professor emeritus in the occupational therapy department at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. He founded the Assistive Technology for Cognition laboratory at VCU, conducting research into the development and utilization of personal health technologies, including smart homes, mobile devices, wearables, and computer games to support people with cognitive-behavioral challenges, and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in this field.

Date to be announced

George Myers

Session Topic: Ohio Technology Ambassadors

A photo of George Myers
More about the webinar

Session Description: This session will cover the creation of the Ohio Tech Ambassador Network, a trailblazing program designed to introduce Assistive Technology to adults with IDD in Ohio through peer mentorship. We’ll cover how a talented team of individuals with IDD was recruited, interviewed, hired and trained as Ohio Tech Ambassadors, and we’ll discuss the successes and struggles they had during their initial three years of mentoring their peers. You’ll get to meet and hear from members of this team during the session as well!

Speaker Bios: Three Tech Ambassadors will present along with George Myers, IT Director for the Ross County Board of DD in Chillicothe, OH. He is a career IT Professional who taught technology for nine years and then owned and operated a small IT Services business for 12 more. In the area of Assistive Technology and has had the opportunity to lead two unique grant efforts. The first involved building a Mobile Smart Home and driving it to counties throughout Ohio to demonstrate how Remote Support and Assistive Technology can help individuals with IDD live more independently. The second involved the creation of the Ohio Tech Ambassadors, a group of adults with IDD who are passionate users of technology. The program’s goal was to put these Tech Ambassadors in positions to educate and mentor their peers in Ohio on how technology improves their own lives.

Virtual Summit : Keynote Speaker


Jennifer White

CEO, Able Opportunities

A photo of Jennifer White
More about the webinar

Smart home devices, smart phones and tablets, these off the shelf tech tools have radically changed accommodation. As a tool of the masses, these devices allow for very strong and affective incidental learning. Immersed in a life where tech is modeled everywhere, lessons, fixes, cool new apps and demonstration of use to navigate the world abound.

With one smart device, a person can access literally millions of apps for a plethora of uses; expressive and receptive communication, focus, self-care, health, organization, travel, access, safety, networking, production, reporting, education, participation, independent living, entertainment, and self-advocacy, to name a few. These tools increase choices at home, access in the community and success in employment.

Join us, to learn more about working models in this revolution!

Completed Webinars


Shea Tanis, Ph. D

Session Topic: Technology solutions for a complex world

A photo of Dr. Shea Tanis
More about the webinar

PowerPoints from the presentation available soon.


Tom Keating, Ph.D.

Session Topic: Let’s Get Serious About Self-Determination! Innovative Tools to Make It Happen

A photo of Tom Keating
More about the webinar

Session Description: This session will demonstrate a suite of web-based applications for neurodiverse individuals to understand and communicate their strengths, interests, and preferences entitled the Cognitopia Platform for Self-Determination, It has user friendly routines using multimedia and goals to help neurodiverse individuals self manage their school, work, and life. The app enables self-direction, person-centered planning, and personal story-telling. A module on routines makes it easy to illustrate the steps of any activity with images, video, or text. New routines can be added by scanning a QR code. A calendar provided reminders, tracking progress and accomplishments. Everything can be shared with others.

Speaker Bio: Tom Keating, Ph.D. is founder and CEO of Cognitopia, home of the Cognitopia Platform for Self-Determination, emphasizing self-management and training tools for employment, independent living, and education. He is also a Courtesy Research Associate in the Computer and Information Sciences Department of the University of Oregon. Keating’s perspective in all of his work has been strongly influenced by his experience of 31 years as a caregiver for a brother who experienced autism.


Constance Harrington

Session Topic: Around the Curve: Circumventing Roadblocks & Detours

A photo of Constance Harrington
More about the webinar

Session Description: Technology adoption is a journey. And, like on all road trips, you can expect to encounter some roadblocks and detours along the way. In this presentation, we’ll discuss some of the most common challenges associated with the adoption and implementation of technology – from funding purchases to obtaining buy-in to locating reputable vendors – as well as identifying strategies for addressing each.

Speaker Bio: Constance Harrington is the Education and Accreditation Manager for SHIFT. She is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on enabling technology. From speaking at trainings and events across the country to advising decision-makers on best practices and policy development to serving as an all-around champion for the implementation of enabling technology – Constance has spent the past 20 years helping people learn about and experience how technology can make the seemingly impossible possible. Constance has earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is a graduate of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities. She lives in Wisconsin and enjoys exploring the state’s beautiful parks with her husband and daughter.


Alexa and Kathy Brill

Session Topic: Alexa's Smart Home and Independence

A photo of Alexa and Kathy Brill
More about the webinar

Session Description: Ever wonder how people with significant disabilities can live independently? Hear from Alexa Brill and her Mom, Kathy Brill, on how Alexa uses smart home and other assistive technology to help her live independently in her own home. Also, learn how problems and barriers discovered along the way can be solved, and how her parents helped her achieve this independence.

Speaker Bio: Alexa Brill graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2013. She has worked for The Arc of Pennsylvania since 2014 as their Social Media Manager. Alexa serves as the President on the Board of Self Advocates United As 1 (SAU1). She also serves on the Smart Home Advisory Committee through the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF), as well as the Wireless RERC Advisory Committee through the University of Pittsburgh. Most recently, she is a participant in the Assistive Technology Champions Program through Temple University (starting November 2023). Alexa is very passionate about advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, as well as helping to make sure they have access to the right technology. She wants to help as many people learn about, and access the technology they need to be as independent as possible.


We will reschedule shortly

Our Partners

A photo of Dr. Shea Tanis

Shea Tanis

University of Kansas

A photo of Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy


A photo of Jessica Daiger

Jessica Daiger


A photo of Constance Harrington

Constance Harrington

Director of Education
TechFirst Shift

A photo of Tom Keating

Tom Keating


A photo of Steve Sutter

Steve Sutter


A photo of Mark McKeown

Mark McKeown

Millar Rich

A photo of Tony Gentry

Tony Gentry

Virginia University

A photo of Sheena Adams-Avery

Sheena Adams-Avery


A photo of Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Night Owl Supports

A photo of Pisanach Chinratanalab

Pisanach Chinratanalab

People Frist

A photo of Jennifer White

Jennifer White

Able Opps

Toni Johnson

Toni Johnson

Tennessee Department
of Developmental
Disabilities (DIDD)

A photo of Alli Beth Freeman

Alli Beth Freeman

Tennessee Department
of Developmental

Tech Host Agencies

Many thanks to the Tech Host Agencies. Each agency is supporting at least five people with disabilities to fully participate in the training.
  • Achieva (Steve Suroviec)
  • Networks for Training and Development (Shauna Roman)
  • Center at the Hampton House (Karen Velocci)
  • Values into Action (Marian Frattarola-Saulino)
  • Families CCAN (Sara Crimm)
  • KenCrest Services (Gregg Kelinson)
  • Emory Valley Center (Miranda Kelley)
  • St. John’s Community Services (Ryan Tempel)
  • Journey’s In Community Living (Felicia Martinez)
  • Developmental Services of Dickson Co. (Travis Saine)
  • Evergreen Life Services (Natasha Shipley)
  • Loving Arms (Chiquetta Goodnight)
  • Core Services (Filarelli)
  • BIOS (Amy Crowe)
  • Community Options (Meika McClendon)
  • Helen Tucker Center (Candice Burkheart)
  • Keystone Human Services(Nathan Gerhard)

The Digital Divide is Generally Defined As a Lack of...

and Devices



And Self- Confidence

The Purpose of The Technology For All Project

For people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to have and use the same amount of technology the average American does to enhance their independence and self-determination.

Over the past two and a half years of the COVID Pandemic we have trained 5,000 people

People With Disabilities
Family Members
Support Coordinators

Listen to Their Experience

Like Janet, and 100 Other Philadelphia self-advocates and family members during the PhilaZoom training funded by the Visions for Equality and Philadelphia Intellectual Disability Services

Or the 3,000 people and advocates trained at the Nebraska Person Centered Planning Initiative, funded by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities

Their experiences are just a few of the thousands we have trained.

And with a world increasingly reliant on digital means, the divide will keep growing… Unless we stop it.

Who Are We?

Blue Fire, Inc. is a small consulting company co-owned by Dr. Mark Friedman and Dr. Ruthie-Marie Beckwith. Both have 40 years’ experience teaching and training people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in advocacy and technology. Dr. Beckwith is the former ED of TASH and State Advisor to People First of Tennessee. Dr. Friedman is the former State Advisor to Speaking For Ourselves, Vice Chairperson of the Pennsylvania DD Council, technology researcher at Temple University. Both are currently Adjunct Professors at the City University of New York.

Over the past two and a half years of the COVID Pandemic we have trained 5,000 people with disabilities, family members, Service Coordinators, educators and professionals online through projects with the DD Councils in Nebraska, Michigan, Vermont and the City of Philadelphia using a virtual video conferencing platform.

Based on our experience in social change and advocacy, we have found training to be a critical element to create systemic change.

In order to address it, we will...

Train a critical mass of people to create a tipping point.

Conduct the training over multiple times to allow deep learning to occur.

How Our Training Works:

A total of 25 Weekly online training sessions targeted to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, family members, Service Coordinators, educators and professionals on topics such as: Using Zoom, Staying Safe on the Internet, How to obtain Low cost Internet services through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and the LifeLine program, Using an Internet Browser, and more.

Weekly training sessions will focus on the known best practices and methods to most effectively teach and support people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to use technology to enhance their independence and lives. The training will focus on off the shelf technology that is widely available, used by the general public and less expensive than specialized technology. Two self-advocates will serve as co-trainers in all the sessions.

Tech Supporters will be recruited, nurtured and trained to help people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities use tech to enhance their independence and self-directions.

A Community of Practice will meet monthly to share stories, collaborate together and learn how to overcome issues and problems.

People identified from the Tech Supporters group will serve as paid presenters to tell their stories of success and challenges at conferences and disability gatherings.

Ten Webinars by national experts in the field of Technology First and Enabling Technology from other states successfully implementing technology for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Virtual Technology Summit will promote the use of tech for independence and self-direction. It will feature experts in the field, share success stories in Pennsylvania and nationally including providers, families and people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Project Advisory Committee (PAC) – 25 people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, family members, Service Coordinators, AT experts, educators and professionals will serve on the PAC.

Tech Host Agencies will support people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to participate fully in the training sessions.

Get A Sneak Peak At What It's Like. Join an Upcoming LIVE Webinar Training

Constance Harrington, SHIFT
Shea Tanis, Professor, U. Kansas
Jordan Allen, Assoc. Comm TN Dept of DD
Gerald Bernard, Charles Lea Center
Jason Ray, Simply Home
Doug Meeker, Life Sherpa
Sheryl Burgstahler, Professor, U. Washington
Jessica Daiger, Safe In Home
Ken Smith, AbilityTech
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