The Break Out Group Topics are:

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9am-11:30am CT (10am-12:30pm ET)

1. Remote Supports

A photo of Jessica Daiger

Jessica Daiger

State Manager, SafeInHome

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we delve into the groundbreaking realm of Remote Supports, witnessing how this innovative service is reshaping staffing delivery. We will explore how technology empowers individuals, bridges gaps in challenging in-person staffing situations, and addresses staffing crises with unparalleled efficiency, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person staff.

A photo of Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy

Customer Success Manager, VoiceiTT

3. Smartphone Apps and Accessibility

Jennifer Cunningham

VP of Client Services, Star Center

4. AI: What are the Benefits and Dangers for people with disabilities?

A photo of Steve Sutter

Steve Sutter

CEO and Founder, CreateAbility

Learn how Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT will change all of our lives and the potential benefits and worries for people with disabilities.

5. Employment

A photo of Jennifer White

Jennifer White

CEO, Able Opportunities

6. Telehealth

Jamila Brandon


7. Transform Your Everyday with Alexa: Learn the benefits of Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa

A photo of Brittany Hughes

Brittany Hughes

former Amazon Alexa Team Leader, Digital Devices and Alexa Services. Currently Employment Coordinator, Journey’s in Community Living.

Learn ways Alexa can “benefit” you within you daily routine, any tasks. Enhance your entertainment options and improve your overall efficiency and convenience.

8. AT devices for independence

A photo of Mark McKeown

Mark McKeown

Enabling Technology Specialist, Millar Rich

Creating independent lifestyles. Making meaningful differences.

9. Volunteering-Making a Difference

A photo of Sarah Phillips

Christine Theofanopoulos & Sarah Phillips

Director of Compliance for QA, CQL and PCP, Developmental Services of Dickson County & Self-Advocacy Co-Trainer, My Tech For All, Blue Fire, Inc.

10. Exploring Smart Health Technologies

A photo of Jeremy Robbins

Jeremy Robbins

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Therap

11. Promoting Inclusion through Digital Communications

A photo of Sheena Adams-Avery

Sheena Adams-Avery

CDT, CDP, Communications Manager & Certified Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Trainer with Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

What you say and how you say it matters. This session will demonstrate effective ways to foster inclusion in your communications. We’ll discuss innovative methods like using Plain Language and Disability Etiquette and communicating with culturally diverse populations. We’ll also tap into the Social Media Communications Do’s and Don’ts.

12. Remote Supports

A photo of Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Owner, Night Owl Support Systems

13. Staying Safe on the Internet

A photo of Pisanach Chinratanalab

Pisanach Chinratanalab & Frank Meeuwis

Self-Advocacy Co-Trainer, My Tech For All, Blue Fire, Inc.

14. Fitness and Nutrition

A photo of David Taylor

David Taylor

Senior Trainer, My Tech For All, Blue Fire, Inc.

15. Creating the Ohio Tech Ambassadors!

A photo of George Myers

George Myers

Learn how a trailblazing peer mentoring program in supportive technology was created and put into action in Ohio. Meet four self-advocates serving as Tech Ambassadors, Brittany Joseph, Chris Cooley, Marci Straughter and Robert Shuemak.

16. Internet Apps to Support Independence and Self-Determination

A photo of Tom Keating

Tom Keating

Founder and CEO, Cognitopia

Get Serious About Self-Determination and Take Control of Your Life with Cognitopia’s Web-Based Self-Management Apps.

17. Able Accounts to obtain technology

A photo of LeKesha Page

LaKesha Page

Director, Able TN

18. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

A photo of Jean Maghinay

Jean Maghinay

Social Media Manager, My Tech For All, Blue Fire, Inc.

19. Elevating Skills with Virtual Reality

A photo of Heather Manning

Heather Manning

Director of Customer Success, FloreoVR

Virtual reality is the perfect medium for practicing hard-to-teach skills. Learn how Floreo can help support skill building in clinics, schools, or at home.

20. Remote Supports

A photo of Shaleea Shields

Shaleea Shields

CEO, Lumnicare

21. Overcoming Tech Roadblocks

A photo of Constance Harrington

Constance Harrington

Director of Education & Accreditation, Shift

A photo from Regional Mtg MT
A photo from Regional Mtg Group Discussion

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The Technology Summit is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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