Free Virtual Technology Summit for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Everyone uses technology
and so can you!
The Summit is Virtual and Free.

June 25, 2024
9am – 11:30am CT (10am – 12:30pm ET)

For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier.
For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.

 IBM, 1991

The Virtual Technology Summit will have presenters showcasing the many ways technology is enhancing people’s freedom, independence and self-determination. There will be 20 sessions to choose from. Attendees will be able to select from a range of topics that interest them.

A photo from Millar Rich and Signals event
Some of the sessions include:
  1. Remote Supports
  2. Voice Technology for people with speech related disabilities
  3. Smartphone Apps and Accessibility
  4. Apps for Self-Determination
  5. Employment
  6. Telehealth
  7. How to Use an Alexa

Click here to see full list.

A photo from Millar Rich and Signals event

The virtual Tech Summit is for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, family members, allies, professionals and tech experts.


Jennifer White, CEO, Able Opportunities, Inc., is a national Subject Matter Expert and Corporate Disability Inclusion Specialist. She is recognized for her creation of low and high tech Person Driven Accommodation strategies and tools.

Jennifer’s experience includes school, home, community and work supports, university research, and collaboration to honor and include the culture of first nation peoples. She promotes and cross agency projects serving people with intellectual developmental disabilities. Her drive to level the playing field with appropriate accommodations has resulted in decades of innovation. Her enthusiasm, based in functional solutions, is contagious.

A photo of Jennifer White

Summit Presenters

A photo of Dr. Shea Tanis

Shea Tanis

University of Kansas

A photo of Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy


A photo of Jessica Daiger

Jessica Daiger


A photo of Constance Harrington

Constance Harrington

Director of Education
TechFirst Shift

A photo of Tom Keating

Tom Keating


A photo of Steve Sutter

Steve Sutter


A photo of Mark McKeown

Mark McKeown

Millar Rich

A photo of Tony Gentry

Tony Gentry

Virginia University

A photo of Sheena Adams-Avery

Sheena Adams-Avery


A photo of Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Night Owl Supports

A photo of Pisanach Chinratanalab

Pisanach Chinratanalab

People Frist

A photo of Jennifer White

Jennifer White

Able Opps

Toni Johnson

Toni Johnson

Tennessee Department
of Developmental
Disabilities (DIDD)

A photo of Alli Beth Freeman

Alli Beth Freeman

Tennessee Department
of Developmental

Learn from our Partners

And many others.

One Alexa Echo Dot 5 will be given away as door prize

but you must be present to win.

Tech Host Agencies

Each agency is supporting at least five people with disabilities to fully participate in the Tech Summit.

The Technology Summit is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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