Welcome to TFAN: The Technology For All Network

Bridging the Digital Divide for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Purpose of the Technology For All Network (TFAN)

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Overcome the digital divide for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Goal of the Technology For All Network (TFAN)

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For people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to have and use the same amount of technology as everyone else, although it may be adapted or modified.

TFAN will:

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Network people together.

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Share best practices on what works and doesn't.

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Collect and share resources, professional reports and articles.

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Hold training sessions and webinars.

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Serve as a brain trust and think tank.

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Develop a critical mass of people promoting the use of technology by people with I/DD.

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Serve as a technology advocacy center.

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Founding members:

  • Mark Friedman, CEO, Blue Fire
  • Ruthie-Marie Beckwith, President, Blue Fire
  • Jennifer White, CEO, Able Opps
  • Mary Angus, Teacher, U of Nebraska
  • AJ Naatz, Doctoral student, U Wisc.
  • Anna Macintyre, Policy Lead, MN Developmental Disabilities Office
  • D’Arcy Robb, ED, GA Developmental Disabilities Council
  • David Taylor, Consultant, Blue Fire
  • David Wetherow, CEO, Star Raft
  • Don O’Callahan, Coordinator, Self-Advocacy Project
  • George Myers, Program Director, Ohio Tech Ambassadors
  • Grace Hart, Family member
  • Heather Mincey, Project Director, RI Developmental Disabilities Office
  • Holly Reiff. Project Dir, MO Developmental Disabilities Office
  • Jay Mackay, Administrator, Rhode Island DD Office
  • Jennifer Johnson, Associate Comm, US Dept of Health and Human Services
  • Jerry Bernard, CEO, Charles Lea Center
  • Jordan Wagner, Professor, Ohio State University
  • Justin Brockie, CEO, Therap
  • Ken Smith, CEO. Ability Tech
  • Kerri Pinger, Assoc Dir, Create Ability
  • Kyle Corbin, Bus Developer, Safe In Home
  • Lydia Whitehead, Project Dir, GA Developmental Disabilities office
  • Maria Pinkelton, Project Officer, GA Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Miranda Hutchison, Project Director, OK Developmental Disabilities Office
  • Nathan Gerhard, Assoc Director, Keystone Human Services
  • Pat Morrissey, Professor, University of HI
  • Sarra Burnham, Project Director, OH Developmental Disabilities Office
  • Shae Dotson, Assoc Dir. Therap
  • Shaleea Shields, CEO, LumiCare
  • Steve Eidelman, Professor, University of Delaware
  • Tianna Faulkner, Project Officer, GA Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Tom Keating, CEO & Inventor, Cognitopia
  • Tony Gentry, Professor, University of VA
  • Vincent Bemmel, Director, Technology and Innovation, Catalight
  • Wendy Davis, Project Dir, PA Assistive Technology Foundation
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